Sunday, July 25, 2010

A look at the garden in July

Even though it has been a sweltering summer here in the bluegrass state, my garden has held up pretty well. Most of the daylilies have bloomed but the black-eyed susans are now in full bloom. I think I need to thin them out a bit next year. I also have some August lilies (aka naked ladies) in bloom and it isn't even August. Everything seemed to bloom earlier this year. Here are a few views of the garden taken during the month of July.


Anonymous said...

My Goodness! Another beautiful walk through the Weekend Gardner's back yard! Love the music, the flowers, the squirrel (?) the rock wall and even the sad toad. I'll keep coming back. You're pretty good with the camera, too!


Dave said...

As in Kentucky, the heat is on full blast here in Florida. Our daylilies gave us a wonderful show. But we haven't had black-eyed susans that are as full as yours. How fortuniate you must feel to have your beautiful garden.
PS.....great music!

Anonymous said...

You have a beautiful garden. Wish mine looked as good.

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful. You must be proud!