Monday, June 13, 2011

Ah! Finally, some beautiful weather in the Bluegrass state!

As a result of an unusually wet and soggy spring and then an oppressing early heat wave in Kentucky, I am just now getting my yard/garden in decent shape. Today is a beautiful day with pleasant temperatures and low humidity. So, I plan to do some much-needed weeding and mulching today.

The daylilies are starting to bloom and the hydrangeas should be at their peak soon. Also in bloom now: Asiatic lilies; coreopsis; and speedwell. The hostas are really thriving. I think they liked the rainy spring weather. Annuals in bloom include impatiens, begonias, and periwinkle.

I will try to post to the blog a bit more often during the summer.

Happy Gardening!


Mark and Gaz said...

Enjoy the fine weather and enjoy gardening too! :)

Cassy said...

I hope that you still have a beautiful weather in there as of the moment. Nice garden of yours.

Cassy from Guitar Playing Tips