Thursday, August 22, 2013

Life is Good

Living the good life of retirement!
The Weekend Gardener is now a man of leisure. I officially retired  at the end of July. As a retirement gift, my nephew and his wife gave me a tee shirt that says "Life is Good".  I have decided to adopt this philosophy and make it my motto during retirement.

I am truly enjoying the "good life" of retirement. Hopefully, some of the many projects I have planned for retirement will come to fruition, but if not....Hey, life is good!

My colleagues gave me a couple of retirement gifts for the garden. One is a beautiful garden blessing and the other is a cardinal bird  metal sculpture.

Thanks for thinking of me guys!. These pieces will have a special place in the Weekend Gardener's garden, and I will remember you fondly whenever I see them.

A Garden Blessing

My Cardinal Bird

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